Blood in the Water by HeSerpenty

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Blood in the Water by HeSerpenty
by Mimi at


by HeSerpenty, of Serpents of Old.

There's a note from the artist!
"Annabelle seems like a bad a*s and she smokes so I just HAD to dress her as [current] Merek! I can't wait to see more of this lady ;3. Alexander here has attitude aand starts off his debut in the comic in the dungeon... so how could I NOT dress him as [current] Hizruk? I had a lot of fun reading what you have so far on your comic, and I look forward to seeing more of it! :D. Love, Serpy <3"

User Comments

by Seabiscuit at

They look so cool and cute ;~;

by HeSerpenty at

Thank you Sea!! They ARE cool and cute <33

by Nama at


by HeSerpenty at

I...I hope that means ya like it??? lololol <3

I really did enjoy drawing these guys! Um, I think I'll let them keep these outfits, they wear it better than my boys anyway X'D

by Nama at

Yes yes
I like it very much so.

by junoro at

The sky looks sort of watercolour, and makes the characters really stick out! The black and white makes them look even cooler!

by HeSerpenty at

Thank you so much!!! It was fun to work with black n white! Tho I did try to find color references everywhere XD

by ProfEtheric at

Also bad*ss! You are just ON FIRE here, Serpy!

by HeSerpenty at

YAayyy thank you prof!!!!

by zartala at

Awesome picture! Love how much personality each character has! :)

by HeSerpenty at

Thank you! I love me some characters with personalities <33--that's why I love these guys! :D

by CiciEnixa at

You already know I love how badass this looks, but I'm saying it again anyway XD

Seriously, Serpy, you are amazing and crazy and crazy-amazing <3

by HeSerpenty at

Ciciii thank you so much, YOU are amazin' <33
I had fun with these characters!!!