Cryptida by joeyballast

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Cryptida by joeyballast
by Mimi at


by joeyballast, of Cato's Apprenticeship.

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by shibazoid! at

oh my god that's absolutely incredible

by The Letter M at


by Seabiscuit at

Holy shit!! So spooky!! :D :D

by lirvilas at

That's one hell of a Roomba.

by ProfEtheric at

Wow... that's great! Very moody! Well done!

by Microraptor at

Oooh!! Thank you very much, joeyballast!!!

by joeyballast at

You are most welcome!

by zartala at

This is really awesome! :)

by rufiangel at

I love the way you did this so the scrolling down would show us what was underneath, that's great work <3

by junoro at

That last panel is really really cool! The whole thing's fantastic!

by HeSerpenty at

Dang that's AWEsome!Noreally... really well done here!!

by vousrein at

Ahh this looks really great!

by MistakeNPotatoes at

It's an awesome comp overall, but man, that monster is rad as fuck.

by NoiV at