Silver by kfish

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Silver by kfish
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by kfish, of Gold Blood.

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(Oh gosh that BACKGROUND!:'D)

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how funny that these two got each other!

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you mean others didn't get the same? whelp it was wonderful getting to draw Silver and have a return! :) I'm smitten with Alicia's drawing! Yay!

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these were random rollings and I thought that I'd keep this particular Silver-Gold Blood setup just for fun :D

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Hahahaha that is fun I didn't even realize that dynamic till just now!

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Oh. My. GOSH! <3 This is awesome! And adorable! Aw, I love them in those outfits! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! THANK YOU!

I am especially in love with their expressions! You did an amazing job on this! And that is awesome that that worked out the way it did and I got to draw your characters too! COULD THIS GET ANY BETTER?! <3

by kfish at

Oh yay! I'm so glad!!!!

Thank you so so much! Hehehehe I think it was a really great idea to do each others! :) EEeeeeeee

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kfish YA DONE OUTDID yerself!! This is amazeballs!!! You really did these lovelies justice <3

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Awwwww! Thank you! eeeeeee I'm so glad!

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Thanks! :)