Everlasting Garden Fields by lirvilas

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Everlasting Garden Fields by lirvilas
by Mimi at


by lirvilas, of Winners and Losers.

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by ProfEtheric at

Ha! Well done, lir! This is wondrous!

by MoonLotus-Hime at

OMG! Love it~<3 Also wasn't expecting Lirvilas, to draw my character! Which is cool and surprising~<3

Also I hope you don't mind if I already put it up in my Fanart/extra page now, Lirvilas.

by lirvilas at

I am glad that you enjoy it; please put it anywhere you want!

by Rd Ashes at

I love going through this and knowing who the artist was before reading the title.
Great job Lir. I like the Daisy Dukes!

by Seabiscuit at

Awwwwww Lirv! <3

by HeSerpenty at

So cool!!! Great work here Lirvilas!