Nightlight by Matt Knab

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Nightlight by Matt Knab
by Mimi at


by Matt Knab, of The Feloran Chronicles.

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by azureXtwilight at

He... He looks so badass <3

by rufiangel at

Daaaang that's pretty darn cool, Matt! @_@

by The Letter M at

Cool cosplay

by shibazoid! at

dude. you made him hot. why did you do that. omg.

he looks so bloody evil i love it thank you <3

by Matt Knab at

Glad you liked it! He's totally rocking the outfit! XD

by ProfEtheric at

Awesome stuff, man!

by HeSerpenty at

Matt this looks amazing!!! You did James so much justice!! Love it <3

by CiciEnixa at

Ooooooohhhhhh *nosebleeds* XD

by vousrein at

This looks really cool!