School of Ragdoll by Matt Knab

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School of Ragdoll by Matt Knab
by Mimi at


by Matt Knab, of Twlight Trust.

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by ProfEtheric at

Very cute!

by Seabiscuit at

Cute! And badass! You can really see Timmy's inner serial killer...;)

by Mimi at

You see that in him no matter how he dresses, wow o:

by Mayyday at


by azureXtwilight at

This looks like a movie poster,great job!

by HeSerpenty at

YES. LOVE it!! hahaha I think this turned out DANG good! Timmy as Douglas works way too good <3

by Matt Knab at

This was probably my biggest challenge yet, drawing way out of my usual style. I'm glad it came out well!

by Mimi at

the art style in SoR is actually deliberately simpler than my usual in which there's detailed eyes and everything o:

you pulled it off really well, though! ^^ thank you very much!
(Geoffrey looks good in glasses, wow)