Child's Eye- from Matt Knab

in 2014 Autumn Fan Art Exchange
Child's Eye- from Matt Knab
by LeRenardRoux at

Fanart of Child's Eye. This piece was drawn by Matt Knab.

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by HeSerpenty at

I recognized who drew this and what comic it was without even having to read!


This is great, Matt! :D

by Matt Knab at

Combo multiplier up! XD

by Alicia at

Very somber and very nice! I love the composition on this one! :D

by Centcomm at

oh wow.. excellent work Matt .. this is .. moving..

by Monday at

Oh that's pretty. I love how old-school portrait-y it looks. Very classy.

by Vivocateur at

Very nice colouring and composition here Matt.

by Lt. Dom at

you could probably sell these!!! FOR MONEY!!!

by Matt Knab at

That would be nice. :)

by AAABatteries at

Oooh, I love the muted color scheme! (And yay, I was able to recognize what comic this was for!)

by Calisa at

Nice job, Matt! Very pretty. :)

by Ninabird at

Very atmospheric indeed.

by Kuri at

Nice one! I hadn't seen this comic before, guess it's time for me to catch up and give it a read :P we can discover new comics thanks to the exchange! cool stuff!

by Breck at

The offset panel really makes this. Looks like a print. Beautiful.

by ProfEtheric at

Excellent use of mood here. Hauntingly beautiful... or is that beautifully haunting?

by Zannthesword at

I did one for this comic a while back, it wasnt as good as this one though great job.

by Jarvi at

Matt did another great thing :D

by Spitfire at

Ohh I get the chills, really well done atmosphere.

by HapyCow at

Ooh snow! Great job Matt! it's so somber.

by RyoshiMicchi at

Thank you so much! I LOVE IT!
I love the atmosphere, I love the colours, the shading, the expressions, everything! ~<3<3<3

by Matt Knab at

I'm glad you like it! :D

by Stever at

Great mood! Nice depiction on these characters, Matt.

by Damatris at

This has such a beautiful feeling of quietness.

by Th4natos at

The mood and characters are awesome. Really well drawn!