Karabear Comics Unlimited by MistakeNPotatoes

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Karabear Comics Unlimited by MistakeNPotatoes
by Mimi at


by MistakeNPotatoes, of Those Unknowable: The Shadows over Innsmouth.

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by zartala at

So very lovely! :)

by ProfEtheric at

MNP, this is AMAZING! Well done, as always!

by Seabiscuit at

Oh man this is gorgeous!

by kfish at

It's so pretty! I love the water and the mask!

by HeSerpenty at


by shastab24 at

This looks great! You draw his breathing apparatus better than I do. The Runner is a fun character to draw, too. I had a feeling if you got my comic, you would draw him (considering he's similar visually to Hugh, it really makes sense to put them in the same outfit).

by MistakeNPotatoes at

I'm glad that you like it :)

I know it seems really obvious to put the Runner in Hugh's outfit, but Runner is so darned cute and anyone that knows me should know by now that I always go for cheap jokes :')