Drop the World by Mothtrap

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Drop the World by Mothtrap
by Mimi at


by Mothtrap, of Je-re-my.

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by ProfEtheric at

I really like this piece, Mothtrap. Wonderful!

by Seabiscuit at

Awww gosh, so sweet sad and beautiful...

by Mayyday at

I feel like this could be an album cover to something.

by zartala at

This is so, so adorable! :)

by EndiThorn at

I love this so much!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!! I'm setting this as my background on everything.

by Mothtrap at

Aaa I'm glad you like it :D
I don't know if Jackie's hair is the right colour or anything so I hope it's okay :P

by EndiThorn at

Her hair looks good! That's about the right color, I feel. :) Since my pages are in black and white and I don't have any reference pictures, I have no reason to be picky. Sorry if that threw you through loops, trying to figure colors out!

by kfish at

Wow! what a cool story!

by rufiangel at

Holy shnapps that's gorgeous work mothtrap!!

by HeSerpenty at

Mothtrap does it again with another gorgeous piece!! Amazing <3

by vousrein at

Ahhh this is really lovely! It looks amazing :D

by NoiV at

Wonderful!! *O*
This is so... *everything*