Cato's Apprenticeship by MST3KFan

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Cato's Apprenticeship by MST3KFan
by Mimi at


by MST3KFan, of Pow! Right in the Nostalgia.

User Comments

by Seabiscuit at

Hahahah! They're all so cute! 'Specially Cato! :D

by MST3KFan at

Aren't they? Cato is just so excited for his new found items. XD

by ProfEtheric at

So recognizable, MST3KFan. So wonderful!

by MST3KFan at

Thanks! I wanted to make them all look as close as I could to how they look in their comic.

by Mayyday at

NOW you're playing with power. :P

by MST3KFan at

Power indeed. If they could find an NES to play with it.

by Rd Ashes at

I need to own that pumpkin right now!

by MST3KFan at

I'd be down for one myself. >_>

by joeyballast at

Ha! Awesome. That would absolutely be Cato's reaction.

by MST3KFan at

I'm happy to hear that. It was fun to write him and the others even in just a 'one shot' strip like this.

by rufiangel at

Ahahaha, awesome piece MST3K! :D

by MST3KFan at

Thanks, rufi! XD

by junoro at

Aahaa I love the electronic pumpkin! It adds the perfect touch!

by MST3KFan at

Given them being in outer space, finding a real pumpkin probably be difficult, so you make do with what you got. XD

by HeSerpenty at

Wow this turned out wonderful!!! Everyone's characters always look great in your style, MST3KFan!!

by MST3KFan at

Thanks. I tried to keep them as close to their actual designs as much as possible.

by Matt Knab at

Ah, that's good. So funny!

by MST3KFan at

Ain't it? I do have to wonder what someone in the far off future would think when seeing the Power Glove.