The Restless Dead by ProfEtheric

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The Restless Dead by ProfEtheric
by Mimi at


by ProfEtheric, of Wayfarers of the Beyond.

User Comments

by Seabiscuit at

Ohhh boy...2spook! O:
Dat glow~

by ProfEtheric at

He's got GREAT zombie glow. I'm jelly.

by Rd Ashes at

OMG that's too funny! Marie-Ange ZOMBIE!

by ProfEtheric at

It occurred to me, so I HAD to do it... :)

by The Letter M at

It's good to have this sort of comic on halloween exchanges. Great job

by ProfEtheric at

Thank you! I was afraid you might b disappointed because I chose a zombie instead of one of your ACTUAL characters. The gag had to be done, though.

by The Letter M at

That was a much better idea. It is much scarier than a simple costume swap.

by HeSerpenty at

LOL I love this zombie--- you rocked this Prof!!

by ProfEtheric at

Thanks, Serpy! To be honest, I was just trying to rock The Letter M's awesome zombies!