Eternity Complex by Rd Ashes

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Eternity Complex by Rd Ashes
by Mimi at


by Rd Ashes, of Doby and Smeck.

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by Seabiscuit at

Aw yeah this just radiates Halloween~ :D

by Rd Ashes at

Thanks Seabiscuit! I couldn't WAIT to draw pumpkins!
I had to stop myself from drawing dozens more into this pic.

by Mayyday at

Oh my gosh I want her unicorn suit.

by Rd Ashes at

Hahahahaha, me too! I think it would be a huge pain to make though!

by ProfEtheric at

Oh, yeah! Great costumes! Adorable!

by Rd Ashes at

Thanks so much Prof! XD

by kfish at

How cool! love the colors! and pumpkins :D

by Rd Ashes at

Thanks kfish!
Love your avatar! That's an adorable fish!

by zartala at

ZOMG! This is so amazing!!! I love this so much! I love how you did the costumes and that Adrik is dressed up as a "bear named 'ick'" And I love the Halloween feel to the picture too!

Everything about this picture is amazing! Thanks you so much! :)

by Rd Ashes at

OMG WHEW!!!!! This is the first time I've participated in one of these exchanges and I was so scared that you wouldn't like it!!!

YAY! So glad that you did like it.
Your comic is GORGEOUS!

by zartala at

I can't imagine not liking your picture. You did such a wonderful job! And captured the characters perfectly! I love what you drew so much! XD

And thanks! I'm glad you like my art! :)

by vousrein at

Haha this is super cute!

by Rd Ashes at

Thank you! XD

by HeSerpenty at

LOL! This is great!!! Love them in these costumes X'D

by Rd Ashes at

HA! Thanks so much! XD