Poharex by Seabiscuit

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Poharex by Seabiscuit
by Mimi at


by Seabiscuit, of Wastelanders Anonymous.

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by ProfEtheric at

Hahahahahahaha! Amaze!

Seriously, Seabiscuit. This is wonderful!

by Seabiscuit at

Hahah! Thank Prof~ <3 <3

by Rd Ashes at

Another one that I know who drew it INSTANTLY!

So adorable Seabiscuit!
OMG that pumpkin container in the dino's mouth!

by Seabiscuit at

Hahaha, thank you!:D
Just a night out, trick'r treating...;)

by DoryH at

This is wonderful. Thank you so much!
Love the attention to detail, and the expressions! :D

by Seabiscuit at

Aww thanks! I haven't drawn dinosaurs since I was young, so this was a very lovely adventure! :D

by CiciEnixa at

Hahahahaha oh gosh what is this it's beautiful:,D

Feeeelix the Dinosaur, comin 'round to cure plagues for candy~

by Seabiscuit at

Hahahah, thank you!;D

Pfffhahah! Somehow that last line reminded me of Barney...Oh dear.:D

by HeSerpenty at

Omg Sea XD... this is so hilarious and awesome I LOVE it XD