Pulse by vousrein

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Pulse by vousrein
by Mimi at


by vousrein, of Missing Dream.

User Comments

by Seabiscuit at

Wow! Beautiful! I love this lineless style so much...:D

by ProfEtheric at

This is SO wonderful!

by Mayyday at

I am always so envious of the artists who can do lineless style. FANTASTIC work.

by kfish at

Pretty! Hehheheehe

by HeSerpenty at

My word, this is gorgeous ;___;

by Lightfoot at

Wow! That's wonderful.

They're drawn in your unique and interesting style, but they are completely recognizable.

I like it a lot.

by vousrein at

yay I'm glad you like it! Also good to hear that they're recognizable, sometimes the style shift can make things confusing

by NoiV at

As usual, Vousrein's art is wonderful. >V< ‚ô•