Missing Dream by zartala

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Missing Dream by zartala
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by zartala, of Eternity Complex.

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by Mayyday at

Oh wow, this one just EXUDES style.

by zartala at

Thanks so much! :)

I tried to incorporate some of what makes Vousrein's art so lovely into my regular way of doing things. Though I wasn't able to convince myself to not do line art.

by ProfEtheric at

Absolutely amazing as usual, zartala!

by zartala at

Thanks so much! Glad you like! XD

by Seabiscuit at


by zartala at

Thanks bunches! Glad you like! XD

by vousrein at

Oh my gosh zartala, this is gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for such a beautiful piece :'D The outfits are lovely and haha I love that Elowen and Walker even have Halloween buckets ‚ô•

by zartala at

I'm so glad you like it!!! XD

I was a bit nervous because I didn't want to destroy the ethereality of your Dream's designs by putting them too much in regular clothes. And I wasn't sure how well that blending of designs would work out.

by kfish at

They all look so fantastic!

by zartala at

Thanks very much! Glad you like! :)

by HeSerpenty at

OMG zartala ya done outdid yourself here! Its amazeballs!!!

by zartala at

Thanks so much! XD