The Art of Monsters by ZeroGee

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The Art of Monsters by ZeroGee
by Mimi at


by ZeroGee, of Planet Chaser.

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by ProfEtheric at

Heheheheheheheheh! Hui is especially funny here!

by shibazoid! at

Hui is finally tall, but at what cost?

by Leafa at

BAHAHAHA OH WOW Out of all of the things I could have seen Hui wearing... this is probably the best thing ever. GO SCI FI HUI, GOOOO!

(Thanks so much ZeroGee, it's great! Thanks for tolerating the black and white-ness too.)

by ZeroGee at

I didn't know Hui's color so I went with grey tones.
The story was a great read. I loved the ending.

by HeSerpenty at

Omg Hui is so cute here XDD

Great job!