Consolers- from alston123

in 2014 Autumn Fan Art Exchange
Consolers- from alston123
by LeRenardRoux at

Fanart of Consolers. This piece was drawn by alston123.

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by HeSerpenty at

Nice I love the glow of the borders!

The whole piece is lovely, I'd say! Great job, Alston123!!

by alston123 at

Thank you my friend.

by Alicia at

NOW FIGHT! (Spoiler, Nintendo wins in my book. XD)

This is great, alston! :D

by alston123 at

Thanks Alicia!

by Ninabird at


by alston123 at


by Monday at

I love the hair.

Also, abs. ^^

by alston123 at

Thank you! ;)

by AAABatteries at

Nice colors! The lighting and the glow effect are especially neat.

by alston123 at

Much appreciated!

by Vivocateur at

I like those glowing green eyes.

by alston123 at

They stare into your soul!

by ProfEtheric at

They seriously look like characters from a fighting game. good job!

by alston123 at

Aww. Thank you.

by Lt. Dom at

nintendo has never looked so good

by alston123 at

Well, I am quite flattered. :3

by Centcomm at

That is really cool !

by alston123 at


by rufiangel at

Nice job!! XD Great idea executed with flair~

by alston123 at

Thanks. I did try to incorporate as much flair as I possibly could. Glad it was noticed! ;)

by Zannthesword at

Xbox looks pretty good, im not gay but nice butt.

by alston123 at

Neither am I, but I do have to agree with you. XD

by Spitfire at

Now that's a fight for the century :D

by alston123 at

You betcha britches! :3

by HapyCow at

Ooh nice alston! :D Nintendo, dang girl..she's been working out. I'm routing for her! XD They all look great.

by alston123 at

Haha. Thanks. Odly enough, so am I. :3

by Zanreo at

Amazing, I love it! Cool glow effects.

This fight is gonna get interesting...

by alston123 at

Hehe, thanks.

by Stever at

Sweet interpretation of these characters. That first one is my favorite because I just love her Nintendo swag.

by alston123 at

Haha. Thanks Stever! :)

by Th4natos at

This picture's giving me Fatal Fury vibes!
Love the characters and glowing borders.

Im all in for Team Nintendo!

Really great job Alston!

by alston123 at

Thanks! ;)