Critters- from LeRenardRoux

in 2014 Autumn Fan Art Exchange
Critters- from LeRenardRoux
by LeRenardRoux at

Fanart of Critters. This piece was drawn by LeRenardRoux (oh that's me)

I had never seen this comic before and it is SO cute. The variety of creatures is amazing, and the main characters have great chemistry. I hope you like this, Allan! ^_^

User Comments

by Jarvi at

Oh wow, thanks for writing a few nice words about this comic Roux. I ended up going there to check and really love it so far :D

Also - great piece :D

by Alicia at

*Waves back to adorable critter in the back.* :D So cute! I want to squish them all. :3

by Stever at

The cartooning style of this one turned out so cool, I'm gonna have to check out this comic now.

by ProfEtheric at

Oh yes! This is good!

by rufiangel at

This looks great! :D Love the little snake expressions, too XD <3

by Centcomm at

hehe love it !! too cute a job !

by Spitfire at

Even though it's greytone I see colours in it :D great job!

by Lt. Dom at

if this isn't Halloween then I don't know what is

by Allan Dotson at

Awesome! Thanks so much! I love your take on all three characters, especially Sally's posture, and I like how you fit so many sketchy chalkboard creatures into the background. The greyscale look is really cool.

Thanks also for your kind words about my comic, and for organizing this fun exchange!

by HeSerpenty at

This is awesome, Roux! Another great piece from you, why are you so cool? >__>