Fallacy- from CentComm

in 2014 Autumn Fan Art Exchange
Fallacy- from CentComm
by LeRenardRoux at

Fanart of Fallacy. This piece was drawn (computer-y wizarded) by Centcomm.

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by Alicia at

Oh, cool! This makes me want to play a video game with these two in it! <3

by Centcomm at

Hmmm that might make a interesting game :D maybe like a Dragonage platform :D

by Stever at

I love how you captured the mood of the season with this one.

by Centcomm at

that was the hard part .. "D

by ProfEtheric at

Cool as hell!

by Centcomm at

thank you !

by reneekatz at

The characters' faces are so well-rendered and their poses are so natural that they are really believable.

by Centcomm at

^_^ thank youuuuuu

by Centcomm at

And I subbed to Fallacy too :D

I try my best to get live like poses out of the characters, Its all about balance. and remembering people are flexible they bend.. - I really like the way Hildr came out .. lotta details get lost when its reduced Ill put a full size one out on DA so they can get a full rez - there is a lot of details on the outfits like stitching and stuff and I just HAD to go with the whole " looking for work thing" Poor Tama .. she has no comic...

by Spitfire at

Wow pretty!

by Centcomm at

:D danke :D

by Damatris at

Oh wow! So cool to see Hildr in 3D! You have put so much care in this and it looks AMAZING! And I really, really love the hair. It's actually almost identical to the one "first draft Hildr" had. :D I love this!

by Centcomm at

If you want - I can do a few more angles of her .. sense shes made its really easy to set up more shots.. the hardest thing was finding the right clothing for her :D she really came out adorable.. :D

by Damatris at

Oh wow! Yes, I'd love those! <3 Can I put this up on my fanart page?

by Centcomm at

Of course :D I would be flattered :D

by Lt. Dom at

I'm looking for a high elven mage. Full time.

by Centcomm at

I hear she works for a few crowns a week ..

by Allan Dotson at

Amazing work.

by Centcomm at


by Calisa at

Yay I love Hildr! Great one, Centy :D

by Centcomm at

Rawr :D thankys Kara :D

by HeSerpenty at

OOo neat interpretation of the characters! Great job, Centcomm!