Monsters With Benefits- from Kenn

in 2014 Autumn Fan Art Exchange
Monsters With Benefits- from Kenn
by LeRenardRoux at

Fanart of Monsters With Benefits. This piece was drawn by Kenn.

User Comments

by Alicia at

Ha ha, cute! Good job, Kenn!

by Stever at

Great sky! Those characters are so cutiful.

by Gryphon at

Haha! I love love it! You've got everything from a drunk Steve and the :D dragon to sid and the monster in the closet! And... Oh my gosh! A lamp with the bulb screwed in backwards! You have my favorite joke! Thank you so much!

by Kenn at

No probs at all :D

I had actually planned more jokes from MWB for the piece but unfortunately I ran out of time. orz

by ProfEtheric at

Yes! This is really nice. Well done!

by Spitfire at

I really like the perspective you're gotten in this <3

by Centcomm at

ooooh this looks so nice .. lots of motion here :D

by Damatris at

So cute!

by Lt. Dom at

*shreds out on keyboard*

by HeSerpenty at

You did such an awesome job, Kenn, I'm impressed!!

Lol I love it!