The Living Daylights- from VanEzzania

in 2014 Autumn Fan Art Exchange
The Living Daylights- from VanEzzania
by LeRenardRoux at

Fanart of The Living Daylights. This piece was drawn by VanEzzania.

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by Alicia at

Ooh, nice pose and I like the new ink. :3

by Stever at

Lovely fall inspired tats :D

by ProfEtheric at

Cool! I like this!

by moxievegas at


never considered nina to be the one with some ink...but now i'm definitely thinking about it.......

by VanEzzania at


by Spitfire at

She's cute ^^

by Centcomm at

nice work!!! love the looking back over her shoulder bit :D

by VanEzzania at

Thanks! Not an easy pose to do on my own, I had to copy and anime scan ;_;

by Lt. Dom at


by VanEzzania at

Someone noticed :D I had to use the leaf off the Canadian flag for a reference

by HeSerpenty at

I like her new tattoos :P

And such a pretty face! Great job!