Tsukuriwarai- from Jackarais

in 2014 Autumn Fan Art Exchange
Tsukuriwarai- from Jackarais
by LeRenardRoux at

Fanart of Tsukuriwarai. This piece was drawn by Jackarais.

Note from Jackarais: "Only 8 pages so far and I'm already SO into this comic. I wanted to comment on it so badly but then remembered this was an exchange assignment and didn't want to give myself away. :( I hope you like it, Aeden! Your work is amazing."

User Comments

by Alicia at

Everything you make is sooo wonderful! <3

by Stever at

The black and white in this one is quite nice on the eyeballs. Love that hair!

by Jackarais at

Hey, thanks dude.

by ProfEtheric at

Again, very strong inkwork. Amazing!

by Spitfire at

Another cool one ^^

by Centcomm at

oh nice :D

by Lt. Dom at

I not going to shred out on every instrument known to man again. I'll just say that this is also great.

by Jackarais at


thank you very much

by graver13 at

Damn, I LOVE the style on this one! And that swoop with the hand lettering... and the style again... and, and, and. What I mean to say is NICE!

by Jackarais at

hey, thanks. ;)

by Chetan at

Oh man, really cool!! That's an amazing style aaa *-*

by Jackarais at

hey, its no fun to draw in the same style all the time, right?

also when is this comic going to update again aeden I want to see more

by Chetan at

Don't I know it!

Oh man. Oh man oh man not soon enough

by HeSerpenty at

Another awesome piece! Surprise surpriiise Jackarais did something AWESOME XDD

I love this!

by Jackarais at

aw serpy XD you're way too kind