Augustos- from Aeden

in 2014 Autumn Fan Art Exchange
Augustos- from Aeden
by LeRenardRoux at

Fanart of Augustos. This piece was drawn by Aeden.

User Comments

by Alicia at

Aw, cute! And such wonderful colors! <3

by The Letter M at

it is very cute. That poor blue haired kid is the only one not into it.

by Stever at

This one really captures the season for me.

by CrackaWindow at

This looks amazing! Thank you so much. I love the energy behind their gestures, and your colors are fantastic too! Almond's pose puts a big smile on my face. He's so into it.

by Chetan at

I'm really glad you like it! You have really expressive characters, so it was fun doing something like this with them!

by CrackaWindow at

ALSO, just wanted to say, those have to be the most well-drawn pants I've ever seen. Teach me your secrets.

by Chetan at

oh god uh

well, keep the legs in mind, and ...draw lines where the legs bend, and where the pants just sort of hang loose, draw lines from a bend in the direction of gravity???? If there is more pant than leg, triangular fold shapes are your friend???? oh god this is not a good explanation im sorry

by CrackaWindow at

Yes... yes... very good! I will take this knowledge and become a master of pants like the world has never known before (probably not).

by ProfEtheric at

Yes! This is cool, very cool! Well done!

by rufiangel at

Gosh, I love this piece! :D <333 Such happy feels! And I really like how you did the crinkles on the trousers especially for some reason. Maybe because I always find those hard to do and you do it so well. XD;;;

by Spitfire at

Aww you do pretty so well! (also matching pants! yey! <3)

by Damatris at

Aw, those poses are wonderful and I love the colors you used!

by Chris the Blue at

Is Rave flipping us off?
Well that's rude.

That looks extremely nice.

by Centcomm at

this is really cool :D

by HeSerpenty at

This is awesome!!