Kaza's Mate, Gwenna- from moxievegas

in 2014 Autumn Fan Art Exchange
Kaza's Mate, Gwenna- from moxievegas
by LeRenardRoux at

Fanart of Kaza's Mate, Gwenna. This piece was drawn by moxievegas.

User Comments

by Stever at

Yeah! That textured coloring is phenomenal.

by Alicia at

Nicely framed too!

by reneekatz at

Yes love the texture of the coloring and Kaza's hair!

by ProfEtheric at

I like the classic comic strip feel from the dots (the name of the technique is escaping me right now...) Well done!

by moxievegas at

it's screentone!

by ProfEtheric at

Ah. Thank you for the clarification!

by Spitfire at

Nice job ^^

by Jay042 at

Great Job!

by Centcomm at

awww this is is too CUTE!!

by HeSerpenty at

Awwww what a cute Kaza and Gwennaa!!

Great job!