Sci-Cops- from graver13

in 2014 Autumn Fan Art Exchange
Sci-Cops- from graver13
by LeRenardRoux at

Fanart of Sci-Cops. This piece was drawn by graver13.

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by Seabiscuit at

Oh wow!:D

by professordethorn at

HOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLY CRAPP! I got to get Graver to do my comic from now on!

by graver13 at

Oh for the love of Mike, I'm already doing Starchasm's comic! I only gots so much time ;p

But I'm glad you like it, even if its just fan-art of your prolog (its a damned good prolog, though). When I laid it out, all that was up was the prolog and I wasn't sure if Dethorn and friends were going to be in the re-boot and, if so, if they were going to be changed significantly or not... When they did show up, I didn't have enough time to make significant changes to my plans... ya, sorry I didn't get your star characters in this one.

by Alicia at

Extremely scary! Extremely AWESOME! <3

by Gryphon at

Sweet Caroline, this one scared me so much that a little bit of pee came out! It's creepy and terrifying and awesome!

by graver13 at

Ha! Glad I could do that to you. Halloween supposed to be all about the scares and it's in the fall after all, so it's totally in theme... totally by accident. I was lamenting the fact that I had completely forgotten to make this fan-art fall themed, but you and your pee, you turned a fail into a win!

So, what I mean to say is, thank you for the pee! ;)

by MistakeNPotatoes at

Super duper well done, looks like Graver was inspired for this one.

by graver13 at

Heh, actually, ya I was. The prolog to Psi-Cops is the kind of prolog that'll get a Barker-loving horror fan's neurons all a-fiering. Hell, I thought the digital hat our assignments were drawn from was some how rigged when I got Psi-Cops, the first comic on this site I ever subbed.

by professordethorn at

Comparing me to Barker is so touching. It's Lovecraft and Barker who are my biggest influences.

by ProfEtheric at

Gah! This is really scary! I love it!

by The Letter M at

This is off the wall. Very cool indeed.

by rufiangel at


...This one's hard to say anything more than 'WHOA' to, actually. XD;;; (I mean that in the best possible way!) I will let it speak for itself.

by Spitfire at

Brilliant use of greytones. Excellent piece with very dynamic composition even though it's symmetrical.

by Damatris at

Wow! This looks amazing!

by Stever at

I've got to study this one to learn how to do grey tones like that. F-yeah!

by graver13 at

Its easy! In the HSL part of color choice, just completely ignore the H, set the S to 0 and then tell it to fuck off, and then you're free to put all your concentration into the L. I have no idea how the hell people are able to multitask the HSL to do proper coloring. Trying to take all three of those things into consideration at once just fries my little bug-brain.

by Jackarais at


by Centcomm at

oh wow .. nicely Done!!

by Allan Dotson at

Hell yeah.

by HeSerpenty at

Wow now THIS is really super cool!!