Dynamite and Silverware- from Zannthesword

in 2014 Autumn Fan Art Exchange
Dynamite and Silverware- from Zannthesword
by LeRenardRoux at

ah sorry! I know I missed info for a few. I'll add links ASAP

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by HeSerpenty at

Nice, a little mini comic! Way to go all out! :D
Lolz..so dramatic!

by Monday at

That is a well drawn eye.

Good job!

(With the entire thing, by the way, not just the eye).

by Ninabird at

Wow. Kinda awesomely scary.

by Vivocateur at


by ProfEtheric at

Gah! I fear Man with an image of his head in his remaining eye!

by AAABatteries at

This one took me a second, but I found the eye! (Head? Eye?)

by Lt. Dom at

he needs a good PR

by Alicia at

Always fear the one-eyed man! (Nice work!)

by Zannthesword at

thanks guys :)

by Centcomm at

*blinks* This is cool mini comics rock! and im kinda creep-ed out now..

by Kuri at

I can see into infinity!!!

by Spitfire at

Oh goodness X) watch that eye.

by HapyCow at

Hahaha whaaat this is crazy! XD I love it!

by Binyamin at

*Deep Breath*
I love it! Thank you so much! I was wondering which comic my fanarter would do. This one was from back when I COULDN'T DRAW AT ALL. I really want to replace the old one with this. May I at least post this one as a guest strip? (It would be something like MWAIOHOHIHRE Fanart Redeux and I would give you credit.)

(Sorry I didn't reply immediately, by the way. I wanted to stay up, but I couldn't.)

by Zannthesword at

feel free :)

by the rouge humingbird at

There is an eye patch inside his eye.. eye patch ception.

by Stever at

Oh man that was hilarious XD

Great job Zannthesword!

by Th4natos at

lol "eye" "see" what you did there.

Great work here bro!