Bicycle Boy- from Ten Penny Officer

in 2014 Autumn Fan Art Exchange
Bicycle Boy- from Ten Penny Officer
by LeRenardRoux at

Fanart of Bicycle Boy. This piece was drawn by Ten Penny Officer.

User Comments

by Stever at

I really like the way you used the blue and yellow to contrast off each other. Very intense looking.

by Spitfire at

Hahahah creepy much? It's great :D

by Alicia at

Again, GREAT colors! I wouldn't want to mess with someone who looks at me like that! O.O

by Jackarais at

all this needs is a lense flare and then it'd be perf---no don't do that pretend I never said that

thank you very much! You're one of the few people to draw one of my side characters, so thank you for that :>
(also I get three pics?? I did not know this, but it's still awesome)

by Vivocateur at

Her eyebrows are my favourite part of her design!
I love them :D
I was a fill in in case the others did not finish in time...but then they did so you get three now :)

by Jackarais at

Ahh, excellent :>


by Calisa at

Haha, sorry Ten Penny, I think it was my vacation that caused you to have to fill in xD but yay for Darl fan art! :D She looks great. Them eyebrows. :3

by Centcomm at

DUUUUUDE.. that.. wow.. love this :D

by ProfEtheric at

That smile... *shudders*

by HeSerpenty at

SOOO cool, TenPenny!!!