Chroma - from EcM

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Chroma - from EcM
by Teslaverian at

Sorry this is a bit late! Hope you like it 0-0

Fan art of Chroma by myself...
larger version can be found here

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by Waffles597 at

Don't feel back about it. You got it done, that's all that matters.

Great colors, by the way. It's really cool to see what looks to be the same base gray on both.

by Teslaverian at

Yeah, college stuff is eating up all of my free time :P

Thank you! I really like the one-color designs for these characters :)

by Alicia at


Emma, I love everything you draw, but this is exceptionally wonderful! <3

by Teslaverian at

XD Thanks, Alicia!!

by Stever at

Great piece, but man are those hands awesome!

by Teslaverian at

Thanks! Hands are my favorite part of drawing people ^v^
Challenging but fun!

by alston123 at

You got it done! Yay! It looks great!!! :D

by Teslaverian at

Thanks, Alston! Glad it wasn't *too* late :P

by AAABatteries at

ohhhh my god oh my god oh my god this is so good
I've been kinda staring at this for a while now trying to figure out what to say???
I love this so much! You really captured the characters well, and the shading and clothing folds and everything look really good! I also love the A in the title and the shadow and ahdshjjhjhkfdkjhg
This was well worth the wait!

Also, is it alright for me to post this on my fanart page? (That I don't have yet? But hopefully will soon?)

by Teslaverian at

Aaaah! So glad you like it!! ^v^
They were super fun characters to draw, especially using your shading style :)

Of course you can! I'd be honored :D

by ProfEtheric at

Wow! Soooooo awesome!

by Teslaverian at

Thank you!! :3

by Spitfire at

Such interesting poses! Great energy :3

by Teslaverian at

Thanks, Spitfire! They were challenging ones but super fun X3

by HeSerpenty at

So this is amazing....... AS EXPECTED

Awesome job, Emma!!